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At Quikshow, we know that you cant be two places at once. Thats why weve developed the first smartphone app for real estate agents that allows you to hire other, available real estate agents to show properties to your clients for you! Never again do you have to drop whatever youre doing to go show a home to your clients. Simply get on the app, post a Quikshow, and relax. Instantly, other real estate agents nearby the property address youve submitted will be notified and will be able to bid on your showing! You will then be able to choose an agent to complete the showing for you! You can even make money by showing properties whenever youre available!

Buyers Agents- Live More

Post a Quikshow in the app, view profiles of agents who placed a bid, and then select the agent of your choice to show one or more properties to your clients. The showing agent will be notified once chosen and take care of the showing for you!

Showing Agents- Earn More

Put your license to work and make money in between deals! Receive a notification when there is a new Quikshow post in your area. Place bids on Quikshow posts that are of interest to you. If the buyers agent selects you for the Quikshow, you will receive another notification. After youve shown the property to the buyers agents clients, and you both have exchanged feedback, you will get paid! All payments are safe and secure with our third-party payment system.

Check out the Youtube video to see how Quikshow will help your real estate business!

Earn more. Live more.